Things to look for while choosing a School Bag

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While shopping for back-to-school supplies, the primary stationery item a student would want is a school bag. There is an extensive variety of school bags for kids with different designs, sizes, styles, colors and themes. With so much variety of bags, it becomes difficult to choose which of these features that you like the most, you can find in one bag that’s right for your kid in every aspect.
School bag is not just a storage space for a student’s school stationery supplies, books, lunch boxes or water bottles but it is also a representation of a his style and his choice. It is an essential school supply that a student spends his whole day with. It should fulfill all his requirements, it should be comfortable and handy to carry and use, it should be spacious enough, it should have enough compartments or pockets to help a student organize his school supplies, the school bag’s outlook should match his choice and also it should look elegant and fancy. Below you can find detailed analysis and tips for choosing the right and perfect bag for your kid.

The size of the School Bag:

While choosing the bag for your child, you can never ignore the bag’s size. The determination of a bag’s size will not only depend on a child’s age and grade, but also on the amount of bag supplies he would have to carry. It is a common measure for choosing a bag size that its width should match the shoulder’s length of its carrier. There is no need to buy a large school backpack for a small kid that may look attractive to him since later on, it can become difficult for him to carry and use. Similarly, a student of higher grades need to have comparatively large school bags to provide a good storage space that they can easily carry.

The practicality and feasibility of the school bag:

Along with having the perfect size, a school bag must be easy to use and handy in practical use. A student must not find it difficult and cumbersome to open and close any of its sections or pockets. Therefore, while purchasing a bag, ensure the quality of its body material, its zippers, scratch openings or pockets, and especially its holding straps.

1. Waterproof, sturdy, easy to clean material:

The body material is mostly produced from nylon polyester. Make sure it is of premium quality, thick and durable so that little scissor, stapler pins or blade cuts do not waste a whole bag. Moreover, the material should be waterproof to save books from water leaks, ink leaks or rain. Also, it should be easy to clean since school bags of children get dirty very often.  

2. Smooth Zippers or Tight Scratch Openings:

The zippers should be smooth, scratch openings must be tight and pockets should be finely stitched, durable and preferably elastic.

3. Padded and adjustable chest straps:

For a backpack, the holding chest straps should be tightly and strongly attached, padded and must be adjustable to make them comfy for shoulders.

4. Smooth wheels:

For a wheeler bag, the wheels should be smooth and easily rotatable in every direction to ease its dragging.

Theme, Design and Style of the bag:

A school bag reflects the taste of a student, therefore it must be fancy and stylish according to his choice. There are many themes available in the market that you can go and choose. Or else school bags can also be purchased online. There are very famous websites like CopyPencil where you can find a world of themed and fancy school bags online. There are school bags for boys as well as school bags for girls. So, shop for your bags while keeping in mind these measures and save your precious time and money.

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