Which toys your kid prefers? ELECTRONIC GADGETS or TRADITIONAL TOYS

Electronic gadgets are changing the landscape of childhood. We are living in a time where kids love and prefer using small smart screened gadgets in their hands rather surrounded by several large attractive toys that you buy for them to play and learn. Yes, Parents have started worrying about how to prevent their children when they cannot avoid using such gadgets themselves? No matter who you are, a Parent, Aunt, Uncle, Brother or Sister, it is time for you to understand how your choice influencing your kid.

Smart toys are not all bad. They can be fruitful to your child’s brain appetite, but guess what? This Appetite grows by eating. Nevertheless, there is a vast range of creative fun activities that Parents should explore which are cheap and readily available. Despite of having so many creative/physical gaming options like Painting, Drawing, Pottery, Dancing, Swimming, Horse riding, shooting or even playing Legos, Gadgets have stolen the show surely. On the brighter side, your child gets the technology exposure, the modern world dynamics that challenge his ability to think and improvise on broader canvas at same time.

These gadgets comes with a whole new world of cons. The excessive exposure leads to addiction that may demolish patience and promotes aggressive nature of a kid. Declining interest in other activities and social interactions is the most common side effect. They keep the child self-absorbed and thus, kills the creative and explorative side of him, in contradiction of quality traditional toys.

Traditional toys are, undoubtedly, the most beneficial and optimal choice for your kid. Evergreen choice. Not only do they promote physical and motor development but also target mental, intellectual and social facets of children. Comparatively, electronic gadgets may seem to you an expensive choice but they become your priority when you compare their pros and cons with smart toys.

Traditional toys comes in various categories depending upon their benefits, their physical appearances, the material and much more. The broadest category is the Educational toys. As the name suggests, they serve the purpose of children’s education and learning. These may include learning books which are attractive colorful books displaying numbers or alphabets or shapes, plants, animals etc. Parents can encourage the book reading habits of their kid as early as they want. Coloring books are available consisting of stickers, drawings, paintings, writings that helps children play and have fun together while enhancing their knowledge and skills.

In addition to books, puzzles help boost children’s learning capabilities along with their brain development. Solving puzzles improves memory, create problem-solving skills, increases IQ and attention to details. Likewise, board games (Ludo, chess etc.) and card games (UNO) are available that help in brain building and promotes social interactions. These activities teach how to set your goals and be patient to achieve them. Furthermore, various wooden toys (wisdom shape set box, alphabetic building blocks set, geometric shape sorter etc.) boost creativity and sorting skills of a child. Anti-stress toys (pop-it, punch me, squishy slime ball etc.) is the latest addition to the kid’s fun games and has become quite popular. These enhance creativity, concentration and emotional stability and reduce stress and anxiety level.

Apart from these character-building toys, many fun toys (dancing cactus, racing cars, stuff toys etc.) are also in the market that can keep your kid engaged mentally and physically. It is true that we cannot just isolate our children from technology but keeping in mind aforementioned pros and cons, one can rightfully determine the need of a balance is mandatory. Parents can, and should develop their kid’s interest in traditional toys for their healthy growth: physically, mentally and emotionally.

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