The world saw a copy and a pencil, we saw an opportunity!

Who we are?

When little hands start writing, they may not write with perfection but with love and imagination. The power of a single pen and paper has no rival on this planet as they both can change the futures of humanity. We are humble and respected to supply these tools to the kids, teachers, businesses, and industries to make progress by leaps and bounds. We’re a new start-up in town with enthusiastic management who has worked by days and nights to provide an online facility to the citizens of our beloved country. We aim to give equal access to pens and pencils for every individual in town. So that no barriers can stop the prosperity of our society. We work 24/7 to facilitate the students of schools, universities, and colleges to get the necessities of the classroom within a blink of an eye. Not only this, but we also provide tools for acquiring new skills that can enhance the learning abilities of your kids with a great margin. For the art lovers, we have each and everything that you need to show your creativity to the whole world.

What we really do?

Welcome to CopyPencil, your number one source for all art and stationery supplies for schools, offices and for kids. Purchase and experience a broad range of stationery products in a modernized way with minimal hassle. We are passionate about boosting learning opportunities in our nation, providing them a diverse range of supplies starting from copies and pencils and ranging to branded items for schools, offices, fine arts products and tools for kids’ learning activities.

Our Vision

To be the best and quick stationery provider in town. For us, being the best means ensuring outstanding quality, customer care, and values for our reputed clients. We aim to make every customer smile every day.

Cooperate with Us!

It’s rightly said that a journey of thousands of miles starts with a step. We’ve taken an initiative to make your lives easy. Let’s work together so our children, shops, and businesses will have access to our high-end online services.
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