1.   Introduction

Welcome to copypencil, an online marketplace for you to shop your stationery. On this page, you find the terms and conditions governing the use of this website. This page must be read prior to using this site. By using copypencil, you agree to accept and comply with all these terms. If you do not agree to the terms written in here, please do not use this website.

2.   Site access and its license

We try our level best to ensure the uninterrupted site access, however, it can be interrupted by certain factors which may not be under our control such as nature of internet or may be temporarily halted for maintenance and updating. The users of this site are granted with a nontransferable license that provides them the authority to use the site. This license will immediately be revoked without notifying you, if any breach of these terms and conditions is noticed. Under this license, you have some limitations for using the site. You must be at least 18 years of age or using the site under a supervision. You are not allowed to download any site content, modify it or upload any harmful material (blasphemous, defamatory, obscene, unethical, political, unlawful or religious). This license restricts you to transmit any virus to the site or put any load on it. Unless explicitly allowed and granted by us, commercial use of the site is strictly prohibited.

3.   Data on the site

We ensure you that the data or any type of information (product name, prices, availability, etc.) present on our site is accurate and true. However, in certain specific circumstances, information may seem to be inaccurate due to technical issues or human error. In such scenario, we reserve the right to cancel or modify your order without any liability. Moreover, content on the site is provided only for informational purpose and can change from time to time.

4.   Submitted content

You agree that any content (name, email, comment, review, etc.) you post on our site is accurate and true. You shall not use false information. You understand that your submitted content becomes our property and shall not be returned to you. We have the right to edit or modify your content without prior notice.

5.   Electronic communication

This platform for purchase is an online link that requires an electronic medium. By using this site, you hereby agree to communicate with us electronically. You shall provide your valid contact name, number and address whenever you place your order and then we may respond you via email or phone.

6.   Your account

For placing an order, it is mandatory to register yourself on our site by creating user account. You will be asked to provide valid email address and set your password. The information required for account creation should be true, complete and current. The confidentiality of your account is your responsibility. You must not share these details with anyone, reset your password time to time and log out of the site after using it. In case you find any unauthorized access to your account, you must notify us immediately. We reserve all rights to terminate your license, refuse site access or remove your account if we find your account details invalid and inaccurate.

7.   Access to secured areas

The password protected areas of our site can be accessed by personals to whom we have given this authority. You agree to not making any attempts to explore these secured areas. You hereby understand that any such attempt will result in persecution.

8.   Restriction to use trademarks and logos

All the logos, images, graphics, website design and content displayed on our site is our intellectual property. These are protected by copyrights. These trademarks shall not be used in connection with any other product that is not linked to us. You are strictly forbidden to infringe our intellectual property rights.

9.   Claim of intellectual property infringement

We take it our responsibility to never infringe the intellectual property rights of others. If u have any concerns regarding this, feel free to contact us. You should provide the description of the copyright material and where it is located, your name, address, contact number and relevant details. We pledge to try our level best to address your concerns.

10.   Indemnity

In case of any breach of terms and conditions or violation of laws of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, you agree to indemnify us inoffensive from any claims or losses arising out of it.

11.   Losses from third party links

We are not liable to any damages caused by third party links or adds that may be posted on our website.

12.   Delivery Charges

Nation wide (Pakistan) delivery charges is only 159 PKR for max weight 1.99KG. Extra delivery charges will charge in case weight is 2KG or more than 2KG.

13.   Modification to terms and conditions

Our terms and conditions can be updated any time without notifying you. If you keep on using our site, you are deemed to agree with our terms. If you disagree, notify us so that we can terminate your account.

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