Wooden Puzzle Colorful Intelligence Block Puzzle

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Wooden Intelligence puzzle | Trial & Error Methodology | Logical Thinking | IntellectualDevelopment | Development of Motor Skills | Puzzle for child of every age

* Your child could use so many multicolour wooden building blocks to create a variety of graphics. * Get these blocks all back together on the board with no spaces. * It can be a good alternative to video games and electronic gadgets. * this puzzle is characterized by repeated,varied attempts wHighch are continued until success.
* It can encourage kids with problem solving and creative Thinking. * It is still a challenge for your kid if the parent is the judge to give the different blocks randomly,wHighch can increase the difficulty of the game. * Give full play time to your child’s imaginatory skills and apply different Thinking to create different patterns. * Taking them on the fascinating journey of pattern recognition along figuring out different colour. * It has been used to boost intellectual level of kids since ever.

Wooden Puzzle Colorful Intelligence Block Puzzle
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