Trendy Frozens Dark Blue Patterned Water Bottle

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Stylish Printed Water Bottles | Strong Strap for easy handling | Wide Mouth Openning fills and cleans easily | Thick outer wall more stronger |No liners / coatings | Vacuum insulation keeps water hot or cold for long duration| Strong Material an ever

* The water bottle is perfectly designed for students and professional usage. * It's unique design pattern attracts everyone having the ever best quality material with Food-Graded PP international standards. * Before first use, please with soft sponge plus neutral dish detergent to clean. * Tighten the switch clockwise and the lid, incase of leakage. * Put water please below waterproof line, in order to provide the ideal sealing effect, convinient drinking and to prevent overflow.Before vacuum insulation products, recommend the use of heating water/heating/cooling, cold water, can obtain better heat/cold effect.

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Trendy Frozens Dark Blue Patterned Water Bottle
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