Stone Painting Fun activity Box, Ultimate Fun Indoor Activity Box For Kids

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Give your kids a break from electronic devices and protecting their eyes, with these Copypencil’s Ultimate Fun Indoor Activity boxes.

Box Content:

  1. Acrylic paint tubes x 6  ( 12ml Each) 
  2. Round stones x  10 (Different Sizes)  
  3. Marker colors set x 10
  4. Paint Brushes x 2  (Sizes: 0 & 3)
  5. Pair of Cartoon Eyes x 5
  6. Small Glue tube x 1
  7. Velvet wires x 3  
  8. Beads/Stones  x 1
  9. Handmade Flowers x 5
  10. One purpose-built Copypencil Packaging Box.
  11. Step by step instructional handout.
  • Nowadays, such an activity as stone painting is very popular hobby.
  • This is the perfect choice for environmentally conscious people and a great opportunity not only to decorate a garden or a house, but also to show your creativity,¬†your wisdom and sense of humor.
  • In addition, it is a great way for reflection and meditation, especially if you choose the mandala rock painting. ¬†
  • These kits help enhance children's creativity while improving their fine motor skills, encourage artistic expression, organization, and fun.
  • Art and crafts activities are fun and¬†children learn best when they are involved in fun, engaging multi-sensory activities.
  • A fantastic gift for kids that¬†sparks creativity and artistic exploration in children.

 Note: No recommended for children under 3. Only use with adult supervision.

Stone Painting Fun activity Box, Ultimate Fun Indoor Activity Box For Kids
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