Paper Origami Fun Craft Activity Box, Summers All In One Paper Origami Creative Box

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Origami Fun Activity Box, is the perfect mess-free craft for at home or on-the-go fun, no mess! 

Give your kids a break from electronic devices and protecting their eyes, with these Copypencil's Ultimate Indoor Fun Activity Boxes.

Our paper origami fun activity fun box set will provide hours of fun, whether young or old, or a beginner.

Box Content: 

  1. Origami Square Sheets 15 x
  2. A4 Sheets Colored 10 x
  3. Marker colors set 10 x
  4. Small UHU Glue 1 x
  5. Pair of Cartoon Eyes 5 x
  6. Handmade Flowers x 5
  7. Velvet Wires 10 x
  8. Scissor x 1
  9. Stone/ Beads Decorative Item Pack x 1
  10. One purpose-built Copypencil Packaging Box.
  11. Step by step instructions with  different techniques.
  • Quick Info: In Japan, the tradition of folding square-shaped paper to make various shapes is known as origami. 
  • This all-in-one Paper Origami Creative Box, is a great help for kids and parents to together making an origami craft.
  • These kits help enhance children's creativity while improving their fine motor skills, encourage artistic expression, organization, and fun.
  • Art and crafts activities are fun and children learn best when they are involved in fun, engaging multi-sensory activities.
  • A fantastic gift for kids, that sparks creativity and artistic exploration in children.

Note: Not recommended for children under 3. Only use with adult supervision.

Paper Origami Fun Craft Activity Box, Summers All In One Paper Origami Creative Box
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