Mont Marte Calligraphy Dip Pen Set - 9 Nibs with Holder

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The Mont Marte 7 Nib Calligraphy Set provides a comprehensive selection of nibs to create your designs, with classic lacquered wood handle.
Set Includes:
  1. one wooden dip pen handle (interchangeable with nibs)
  2. 9 Calligraphy Dip Nibs
    Nib Sizes;
    1. 001 -> Cartooning Fine
    2. 003 -> Cartooning Medium
    3. Cartooning Bold
    4. 5 -> Traditional Calligraphy Fine
    5. 3 -> Traditional Calligraphy Fine
    6. 1 -> Traditional Calligraphy Bold
    7. 1mm -> Script Calligraphy Fine
    8. 2mm -> Script Calligraphy Medium
    9. 4mm -> Script Calligraphy Bold
  • Made of hard wearing sprung steel with high ink capacity. 
  • Just Dip and write.
  • Ergonomic design handleeasy and comfortable to hold during long and short projects.
  • Suitable for all calligraphic writing styles including Arabic Calligraphy, Roman Round Hand, Italic, and more.
  • Best for Calligraphy, Sketching, Lettering, Scrapbooking, Journaling, Card & Invitations Making and Design art.

Mont Marte Calligraphy Dip Pen Set - 9 Nibs with Holder
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