Educational Writing Practice kit For Pre Schoolers 3-6 Year Kids Writing Fun Activities

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Hey kids wants to improve your hand writing skill!!
An excellent solution for parents to teach toddlers how to write letters and numbers while having fun. It can be used over and over again and saves a lot of notebooks and money!!
  • Everyday activities like scribbling, drawing, and writing on cards can help children learn to write by hand.
  • Kids can practice with it in daily life for fluent writingcan enhance kid's memory and interest in learning.
  • Increase confidence, and reduce frustration in kids while improving their writing and drawing skills.
  • Give your kids a break from electronic devices and protecting their eyes, with these Copypencil’s Cool Fancy Stationery Boxes.
  • This fun filled box includes; reusable writing practicing books & drawing book, perfect to boost confidence in kids with different hand exercise fun activities.
  • A perfect Homeschooling solution.

Deal Included:

  1. Writing Practicing Books (Alphabet, Urdu, Numbers),
  2. Sank Magic Practice Copybook (1 Book with 1 pen refills)
  3. Scratch Painting Notebook A5
  4. Water Magic Drawing Book
  5. Sticky Notes Weekly Planner Set
  6. Glitter Pen x 7
  7. Lead Pencils x 6
  8. Cute Multi Color Ball Pen 10 in 1
  9. One purpose-built Copypencil Packaging Box.

Sank Magic Practice Copybook:

  • Material: White Cardboard
  • Size: A 5 or 5.8 x 8.3 Inches (Approx.)
  • Pen Tip: 0.5mm With Black Auto Fade Ink
  • Style: Alphabet, Numbers, Drawing, Addition & Subtraction

Magic Water Drawing Book:

  • Material : Cardboard
  • Magical drawing book (3 & 4 pages) with Magical water pen
  • Magical Drawing book can be used repeatedly. the water will evaporate in around 5 minutes and the painting will disappear automatically.

Cute Sticky Note Weekly Planner:

  • Material: Paper
  • Size: 265 x 188 mm (Approx.) Or  19 x 26 x 1 cm; No. Of Papers: 7 Sets x 30 Sheets
  • Hanging Daily Planner Sticky Notes Set for kids as they embark on a journey to conquer your daily tasks with flair.
Educational Writing Practice kit For Pre Schoolers 3-6 Year Kids Writing Fun Activities
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