DIY Summer Art and Craft Activity Kit Ice-Cream Sticks and Foam Sheet Kids Craft Set
Material: Ice-Cream Sticks Multi Color 1 pack UHU Small Stick Google Craft Eyes 6 Washi Tape Velvet Wire 12 Pom Pom 1 Pack Markers 10 colors Buttons 12
DIY Memory Scrapbook Album Complete Kit Art and Craft Scrap Papers
DIY Memory Scrapbook Album Complete Kit Art and Craft Scrap Papers Include: Sketch Book A4 Size Scrap Paper Pad Book 8x8 Inch  Marker Colors 10 color Pack Washi Tape Stickers Any Glue Stick 12ML  
Gold Leafing Calligraphy Set Islamic Calligraphy Canvas Art
Set Material:  Canvas 1x  Calligraphy Stencil 1x Qalam Set Sakura Calligraphy Pen 1x Mont Marte Imitation Gold leaf Sheets Mont Marte Leafing Adhesive Calligraphy Ink Brush
Travelling Fun Activity Kit Travel Essential Kit For Kids
Box Material Colorful Journal Fancy Gel Pen Coloring Book Marker Color Set Magic cube Disposable Bags Bandages Pocket Tissue This portable travel kit keeps kid’s hands and minds busy for a long time, during travel.
Anti-Stress Fun Box Relaxing Toy Kit
Box Material Scratch Notebook Fidget Transformer Spinner Pop it Fidget silicon toy Magic Cube Slime Ball Relieve stress and anxiety by simply playing, squeezing, stretching, and flipping with these fidgeting devices. Every toy helps release and soothe stress.
Glass Painting Activity Fun Kit Holiday Activity Kit
Box Material  Glass Paint Set Keep Smiling 12 Colors Set Glass Outliner 1PC Black Printed design sheets Stancil A4 3PC Paint Brushes 1PC Handmade 3D Stickers  1Pack any Glass painting is an excellent skill to learn, whether you’re looking to...
Fabric Painting Hobby Fun Activity Box DIY T-Shirt Stenciling Kit
Box Material Stencil Sheet 2x Fabric Paints Fabric crayons Color Palette Foam Brushes Fabric Marker 1 (any color) Paper Tape Instruction handout Fabric painting is a very easy craft to learn on your own. Doing paintings has always been fun...
DIY Card Making Complete Kit Craft Kit For Boys and Girls
Box Material A4 Craft paper 6x A4 Colored paper 10x Marker color set Alphabet Scale Washi Tape Colored Button pack Velvet wire 10x Pom Pom Pack UHU Instruction handout Nothing is quite as special as a homemade Card.  the card...
Birthday Party Fun Activity Box Craft Games Holiday Activity Kit
Box Material : Balloons pack Face paint Disposable cups 15x  Disposable Spoons 3x Plastic small balls 6x Straw 6x Sticky notes Colored dice 4x Popsicle sticks 10x Plates 6x paper tape Instruction handout To fill your holiday parties with laughter and activity,...
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Slime Making Hobby Fun Box DIY Kit For Boys and Girls
Box material White glue Slime activator Colors 3x Glitter Container with lid 3x Popsicle sticks Slime is a great way to keep kids creative and busy for extended periods of time. Slime has a calming, focusing quality. Slime is a form of sensory...
Doodle Coloring Hobby Fun Box For Kids
Box Material: Coloring Book with stickers Marker Color Set Pencil Color Set Crayon Color Set Coloring is always fun for kids and adults. Doodle fun Box is perfect to keep kids engage during summer. These Boxes are also work great...
Clay Pottery Painting Fun Activity Kit For Kids
Box material: Clay pots 6x White Acrylic paint tube Poster paint set 1” Wide paint brush Small Paint brush Outline marker Color palette Instruction handout  This activity will easily engage kids with lot of creative steps and makes a perfect...
Tie and Dye Creative Fun Kit Indoor Activity Kit For Kids
Kit Material: Empty Bottles  Dye Color  Rubber Bands Gloves Instruction handout  Tie & Dye is always on kid’s summer favorite activity list. Moms with kids can try this activity at home as with this Tie & Dye Hobby Fun Kit,...
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INTEX Junior Swimming Fun Kit Splash Deal 2
Swimming Kit included: 1- Nose clip and ear plug combo set 2- Intex animal fun goggles 3- Intex neon frost tube 4- Intex Swim Vest Durable made of high quality and non-toxic vinyl material, ensures the safety of children while...
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INTEX Junior Swimming Fun Kit Splash Deal 1
Swimming Kit Included: 1- Nose clip and ear plug combo set 2- Intex junior swimming goggles 3- Intex sunset glow mini Swimming Pool Swimming pool Size: 24" x 8.5" Inflated, Style: 3 Rings soft inflatable floor, Capacity: 5.5" of wall...
Kids Drawing and Coloring Complete Deal
Kids Coloring Sticker Book Water color Pad Print Baby Canvas Set, Set of  1 Pre stencil Canvas, 6 water paints with brush and 1 Drawing Color Pencil Box Large Size for kids 12 Colors Shark Water Color 12 pcs set...
Kids Painting on Canvas Complete Deal with Pictures
keep smiling kids brush set multi shapes palette  masking tape 1 round canvas 4x4 2 Canvas Board 6x6 2 Canvas Board 8x8 1 round canvas6x6 1 Brush wood handle Keep Smiling Acrylic Color 12 Colors Hand outs and demo pictures...
Pre-Schooling Kids Educational & Learning Deal
Wooden Puzzle Colorful Intelligence Block Puzzle | Blocks Game Toys | Educational Toys for Kid Alphabet & Number Jigsaw Foam Puzzle For Kids Learning Doodlers Pack of 10 Picture Board Books Alphabet - Number - Fruits - Vehicle - Animal...
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Kids Art & Craft Complete Discounted Deal
Scissor With Round Tip For Kids Use 3 Washi Kids Tape  1 Play-Doh Multi Color Non-Toxic Crayon Color 12 Pcs Pack 1 Ice Cream Sticks Pack Multi color Dollar Glue Stick 8Gms Small Foam Clay 12 Color Pack Rainbow Poster...
Sketch Making Complete Deal
1 Sketch book A4 size  1 Pack Sketch Pencil Graphite graded Pencil Set 12 pencil Card Board 1 Keep Smiling Blending Stumps Set 6 PCs 1 Kneadable Eraser 1 Sketch Pencil Sharpener
Kids Stationery All in One Package
Deal Included: Dux Lead Pencil Ti.kone HB 12 Pc Led Pencil Pack High Quality Dux Eraser 40Pcs Pack Reeko Sharpener ORO 50Pc Pack Gold Fish Color Pencil Flupa 12 Colors Pack Signature Marker Set 10 Multi Color Marker Pack Crayon...
Fine Arts Acrylic and Canvas Deal
* 1 Maries Acrylic 12 color tube set * 1 Color mixing palette - Medium * 1 Palette Knife set 5 pc Small * 2 CANVAS 10X10 * 2 CANVAS 12X18 * 1 Keep Smiling Paint Brush set Multi shape...
Calligraphy and Water Color Deal
* 3 Qalams * 4 Calligraphy Stencils * 1 Water Color Sketch Book A4 Size #802 * 4 calligraphy sheets A4 size * 1 Blending Stumps Set * 1 Keep Smiling Water Color - 12 Color Set * 1 Graphite...
Summer Camp Activity Box
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